Online Karaoke Lounge

What is Online Karaoke Lounge?

Joining People from Near & Far

Online Karaoke Lounge is a virtual karaoke service where people can meet face to face and enjoy karaoke. It can be joined from anywhere such as home, across town, or across state. It can be joined using any device such as a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. Everyone can enjoy singing in solos, duets, quartets, or all together.

Families and friends who are apart by distance or circumstance can join together in an online karaoke lounge. They can meet in a public lounge for all or in a private lounge for invitees only. They can have a karaoke party, a holiday singing, a birthday celebrations, a talent show, a singing competition, etc. The online karaoke lounge is sure to make happy memorable moments for everyone.

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* Developed by CAVS USA Inc. under the International Patent No. 10-2003-0016147 and US Patent No. 7,015,933.

How is this Online Karaoke service different from others?

In a standard online karaoke service, an individual connects to a website and plays a karaoke song. The individual may record the singing and upload to a social network to share with friends. The whole experience however of singing and uploading is not shared with others. The individual is basically singing by himself in front of a computer and that is NOT fun.

In a standard video chatting, an individual can get together with friends and family online. However after the first ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’, it can become awkward in silence very quickly.

Here comes the Online Karaoke where 5, 20, or even 100 individuals can join face to face and enjoy singing. It is just like a local karaoke bar or lounge where you join your friends and family. The karaoke player connects to everyone and streams the music and lyrics. You can sing solo or together in duet, quartet, or with all. You can enjoy the karaoke fun in the crowd.

Available Configuration

1. Karaoke Lounge

  • Open to all members 24/7
  • Choice of over 10,000 karaoke songs with automatic updates
  • Monthly subscription fee $195 – $295 per site
  • Password entry restriction and control options
  • Connect up to 100 members at any one time

This package is analogous to a physical karaoke lounge where the members can walk in at any time to enjoy the crowd and singing. It is open 24/7 and runs automatically online.

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2. Karaoke Room

  • Private karaoke event for members
  • Simple reservation system with booking calendar
  • Invitation/Registration for guests
  • Multi-level control options (host, guests, admin)
  • Choice of over 10,000 karaoke songs with automatic updates
  • Per event price of $10 – $30 
  • Maximum 100 guests per event

This package is analogous to a physical karaoke room where a member can reserve for a private event. The reservation process is simple using a booking calendar, and the guests can join with invitation or registration.

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