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Quick Start Guide

Here is the quick start guide to using the Zoom Meeting and CAVS Karaoke Player for Online Karaoke. For detail description of the features and instruction on how to operate, please go to Support.

  1. Click on the first link above for the Zoom Meeting. The Zoom Meeting will appear inside your web browser as shown below. Here in this example, the Zoom Meeting is opened in Google Chrome.

  2. Click on Download Now to download the Zoom installation file.

  3. When the download is complete, click on the Zoom installation file to install.

  4. After the installation, a popup screen will appear asking for Your name and Meeting Passcode.

  5. Type in your name and input “Join” for the Passcode. Press the Join Meeting button.

  6. Next you are asked to join the Zoom Meeting with Computer Audio. Assuming that your device has a proper speaker and microphone, click to continue.

  7. Next you will see the live video inputs of the online guests who are in the Zoom Meeting. Here in this example, only the host CAVS Karaoke Online is shown.

  8. Click on Start Video to share your video with other online guests.

  9. Your video is now showing on top of the screen.

  10. You can change the screen layout by clicking on View.

  11. Select the Gallery View to equally divide the screen to all online guests.

  12. The video of each guest will appear in equal size.

  13. Next press “Windows” + “→”, that is Windows + Right Arrow keys in the keyboard at the same time. The Zoom Meeting screen will move to the right half of the monitor.

  1. Click on the link above for the karaoke player. The karaoke player will appear inside your web browser as shown below. Here in this example, the karaoke player is opened in Google Chrome.

  2. Uncheck the Desktop mode at the bottom left corner.

  3. The lyrics screen will expand to fill the browser window.

  4. Next unmute the audio by pressing the muted speaker icon at the top right corner.

  5. The audio becomes unmuted with volume level at 50%. The volume level can be adjusted manually.

  6. Next press “Windows” + “←”, that is the Windows and Left Arrow keys in the keyboard at the same time. The karaoke player screen will move to the left half of the monitor. Now with the Zoom Meeting screen on the right side, you are ready for Online Karaoke.

  1. To select a song, click on the hamburger menu at the upper left corner of the karaoke player.

  2. The menu will appear as below.

  3. To select a song, click on (1)Title or (2)Artist.

  4. Clicking on (1)Title, and the song list will appear as below.

  5. Use Search or Scroll to find a song.

  6. When a song is found, press the index or the title of the song.

  7. A following popup display will appear to reserve the song.

  8. Click on Queue to reserve the song. It is optional to put in a name, preset the pitch, and preset the tempo.

  9. Next click on left arrow to return to the lyrics screen.

  10. Press Play button to start playing.