Karaoke Player

Sing Your Favorite Songs

  1. Click on the link above for the karaoke player. The karaoke player will appear inside your web browser as shown below. Here in this example, the karaoke player is opened in Google Chrome.

  2. Uncheck the Desktop mode at the bottom left corner.

  3. The lyrics screen will expand to fill the browser window.

  4. Next unmute the audio by pressing the muted speaker icon at the top right corner.

  5. The audio becomes unmuted with volume level at 50%. The volume level can be adjusted manually.

  6. To select a song, click on the hamburger menu at the upper left corner.

  7. The menu will appear as below.

  8. To select a song, click on (1)Title or (2)Artist.

  9. Clicking on (1)Title, and the song list will appear as below.

  10. Use Search or Scroll to find a song.

  11. When a song is found, press the index or the title of the song.

  12. A following popup display will appear to reserve the song.

  13. Click on Queue to reserve the song. It is optional to put in a name, preset the pitch, and preset the tempo.

  14. Next click on left arrow to return to the lyrics screen.

  15. Press Play button to start playing.